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A Featured Listing highlights your property near the top of each page (or pages) you select. Use the form below to tell us where you would like your Featured Listing to appear. You may choose any page you like - it doesn't have to be the country you are listed in. Please view our Home Page or Property For Sale page to see how dramatically this type of listing can increase your property's visibility. If there is not currently a Featured Listing box on the page you select, we will add it when we post your new Featured Listing.

To be a featured listing on WebList Properties, your property must be advertised on our website. If you have not already done so, please go to the List With Us page and send us your property details using our online submission form.


Please select the page(s) you would like your Featured Listing to appear on.
(Multiple pages are selected by holding down the "Ctrl" button while clicking your mouse)

Don't see your page? Type the name of the page you are looking for here.

What is your unique property identifier?
(Recorded at the bottom of your listing for your reference or you may use your last name)

Each page has a limited number of listings available to ensure that your listing receives the recognition it deserves. If any page you select does not currently have space available you will be contacted as soon as possible.



  - Home Page $15.00    per month
  - Property For Sale page $10.00    per month
  - Vacation Rentals Page $10.00    per month
  - Country/Region Page $5.00    per month


Dramatically increase your visibility!


Featured listings are prominently displayed on each page you select.


Each time your selected display page is viewed your property is showcased to potential buyers/renters.


Here's what you get:

An advertisement featuring your property photo and detail.


You choose the page (or pages) to display your featured listing. Show your property to the world or target visitors to your specific country or region - you decide.


No set-up fees.


No minimum purchase. Run your featured listing for as long as you want.

Featured listings are purchased on a monthly basis and are automatically re-billed until cancelled by the purchaser. Prices are per month, per page selected.





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